Frank's Glass Frank's Glass Frank's Glass 12 reasons to Install a Frameless European Shower in Your Bathroom Wed, 27 Jun 2018 08:58:39 EST <p class="date">Frame-less shower doors convey a clean modern feel to a bathroom. Read this&nbsp;;article for&nbsp;12 reasons to&nbsp;install one in your home!&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Divide and conquer. &nbsp;A frame-less shower can be installed between vanities without creating a barrier.</li> <li>Allows light to penetrate the room. &nbsp;A frame-less shower provides the perfect backdrop for a window, allowing light to spill into the room and create an illusion of space.</li> <li>Provide the proper balance. &nbsp;The sleek design of a frame-less shower can be combined with marble or more traditional tile and dark cabinets for an eclectic look.</li> <li>Contrast modern and rustic. &nbsp;&nbsp;Insert a clean, modern design into a very rustic and visually heavy environment. The frame-less enclosure provide a light and airy feel, as well as a contrast to the other materials in the space.&nbsp; The new barn sliding door shower provides a great design feature to any bathroom.</li> <li>Highlight your tile work. &nbsp;With a frame-less door, there's no visual separation, which make the space larger. Plus, unlike framed doors, they don't hide the beautiful tile work in the shower. Frame-less doors also sport a cleaner, more modern look &mdash; and we like that.</li> <li>Create the illusion of space. &nbsp;The frame-less door provides a transparent look&nbsp;and can make a very small room feel larger and more spacious.</li> <li>Bring in natural light. &nbsp;A frame-less shower gives the illusion of openness. The less metal, the less you notice that a wall is dividing the space.</li> <li>Maximize the view. &nbsp;The glass expanse of the frame-less shower opens up the space for unobstructed views.</li> <li>Provides an elegant look. &nbsp;Keeps the look clean and sleek.</li> <li>Embrace minimalism. &nbsp;A monochromatic color scheme with a frame-less glass shower enclosure creates an aura of minimalism. The clean lines enhance of the frame-less shower enhance this look.</li> <li>Infuse a sense of calm. &nbsp;The frame-less shower design is&nbsp;key in creating transparency, openness and a sense of calm.</li> <li>Design the space to incorporate the natural environment. &nbsp;Use the frame-less shower to accentuate the beauty of the outdoors.</li> </ul> <p>Now that you have some great ideas on how to design your bathroom incorporating a new frame-less shower enclosure, give Frank's Glass a call and we can schedule a free estimate to get you started! &nbsp;513.829.8284.</p>tags: <a href=" door/">shower door</a>, <a href=" enclosure/">shower enclosure</a>, <a href=" enclosure/">tub enclosure</a>, <a href="">glass</a>, <a href=" remodel/">bathroom remodel</a>, <a href="">mirror</a>, <a href=" mirror/">vanity mirror</a>, <a href=" shelving/">glass shelving</a>, <a href=" door/">shower door</a>, <a href=" glass/">franks glass</a>, <a href="">fairfield</a>, <a href="">mason</a>, <a href=" chester/">west chester</a>, <a href="">hamilton</a> Windshield Wiper Safety: The Ins & Outs of What to Look For In New Windshield Wiper Assemblies Thu, 31 May 2018 12:01:54 EST <p>This is a great article from&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" data-ft="{" data-lynx-mode="asynclazy"></a>&nbsp;on what to look for when replacing your windshield wiper blades. Did you know the wiper arm tension is the most important feature when evaluating new blades? This is what actually provides the spring tension that forces the wiper blade against the windshield. Without this tension the blade will not be effective in removing moisture from the windshield.</p> <p>Frank's Glass carries a high end flexible wiper arm/blade combination that will provide you with a clear driving experience. Give us a call at 513.829.8284 to schedule an appointment to have your wiper blades replaced so next time you are stuck in a rainstorm you will not have to worry about your wiper performance. Our Aquapel windshield treatment also offers an additional layer of protection by wicking the water away from the windshield, allowing for better visibility. The Aquapel treatment can be applied at our shop for just $10!</p>tags: <a href=" wiper replacement/">windshield wiper replacement</a>, <a href=" replacement/">wiper replacement</a>, <a href=" blade replacement/">wiper blade replacement</a>, <a href=" blades.windshield replacement/">wiper blades.windshield replacement</a>, <a href=" repair.aquapel/">chip repair.aquapel</a>, <a href=" treatment/">windshield treatment</a>, <a href="">fairfield</a>, <a href=" chester/">west chester</a>, <a href="">mason</a>, <a href="">hamilton</a> Screen Doors Blow In a Breathe of Fresh Air Tue, 15 May 2018 09:27:41 EST <p class="date">When I was young you knew spring was approaching by the sound of the front door screen banging shut and the kids laughing and running outside.&nbsp; There is no better feeling than having the front door open and the warm breezes blowing in through the screen door.&nbsp;&nbsp;This&nbsp;<a title="Screen Doors" href="" target="_self">article</a>&nbsp;from Houzz provides some great ideas on how to incorporate screen doors into your home design so you can enjoy the breezes while keeping those pesky insects out.&nbsp;</p> <p>Frank's Glass can help you design the perfect screen door for your home.&nbsp; We also can repair your existing screens if they are torn or the screen is falling out of the frame.&nbsp; We carry screen frames and screening material in several different colors and mesh options.&nbsp; Call us today at 513.829.8284!</p>tags: <a href=" doors/">screen doors</a>, <a href=" replacement/">screen replacement</a>, <a href=" screens/">replacement screens</a>, <a href="">rescreens</a>, <a href="">glass</a>, <a href=" glass/">franks glass</a>, <a href=" windows/">insulated windows</a>, <a href=" pane windows/">double pane windows</a>, <a href=" screens/">torn screens</a>, <a href=" doors/">entry doors</a>, <a href=" doors/">front doors</a>, <a href="">windows</a>, <a href="">fairfield</a>, <a href="">mason</a>, <a href=" chester/">west chester</a>, <a href=" ash/">blue ash</a>, <a href=" park/">terrace park</a>, <a href="">loveland</a>, <a href="">lebanon</a>, <a href="">springboro</a> How Does Bulletproof Glass Work (Inquiring Minds Want To Know)? Wed, 11 Apr 2018 11:01:17 EST <p>Have you ever wondered how glass can be &ldquo;bulletproof&rdquo;?&nbsp; You generally hear about this glass in incidents where the President or some other high official is involved&hellip;in their limousines, aircrafts, military vehicles, etc.&nbsp; Although bullet-resistant glass looks like regular glass, it is constructed to withstand the impact of bullets.&nbsp; How is this done?&nbsp; Through a process called lamination.&nbsp; Bullet-resistant glass is constructed layering a piece of polycarbonate between two pieces of regular glass.&nbsp; The polycarbonate absorbs the impact of the bullet, stopping it from entering into the inside piece of glass.&nbsp; The ability of the glass to &ldquo;resist&rdquo; the bullet is based on the thickness of the glass.&nbsp;</p> <p>There is also a one-way bullet-resistant glass available.&nbsp; This makes it possible to be protected from a bullet penetrating the glass from the outside, while still giving the individual on the inside the ability to shoot back.&nbsp; This is made possible by laminating a brittle sheet of material with a flexible material.&nbsp; The brittle piece would be constructed on the outside of the &ldquo;unit&rdquo;, so upon impact it would shatter around the point of impact and absorb some of the energy from the bullet.&nbsp;&nbsp; The flexible material on the inside would absorb the remaining energy of the bullet, stopping the bullet from penetrating the interior glass.&nbsp; In reverse, the flexible interior material would pass through the glass because the bullet&rsquo;s force is concentrated in a small area, which causes the material to flex.&nbsp; This then causes the outside brittle material to break outwards, allowing the bullet to pierce the flexible material and strike its target.</p> <p>Now you know.&nbsp; Call Frank&rsquo;s Glass for all your glass needs!</p>tags: <a href=" glass/">bulletproof glass</a>, <a href="">glass</a>, <a href=" glass/">safety glass</a>, <a href=" glass/">franks glass</a>, <a href=" glass/">auto glass</a>, <a href=" glass/">commercial glass</a>, <a href=" windows/">bulletproof windows</a>, <a href=" glass/">bullet-resistant glass</a>, <a href="">fairfield</a>, <a href="">mason</a>, <a href=" hill/">indian hill</a>, <a href=" ash/">blue ash</a>, <a href="">glendale</a>, <a href=" chester/">west chester</a> Custom Glass Counter Tops Create Dramatic Kitchen Design Tue, 10 Apr 2018 13:31:39 EST <p>Want to add a touch of pizzazz to your kitchen or bath? Consider glass countertops and/or backsplashes, which are quickly becoming a must have in designer homes. Glass countertops are easy to maintain and highly non-porous, making them stain proof, hygienic and anti-bacterial. Glass counters are extremely strong and are able to withstand a tremendous amount of weight. Glass has the toughness of a construction-grade material, but can be incredibly dramatic with colors, textures, design and backlighting. Glass countertops will enhance the entire kitchen area with its modern beauty and sophistication.</p> <p><strong>Unique &amp; Lavish Countertop Design</strong>&nbsp;<br />Glass countertops are becoming one of the newest trends in Kitchen &amp; Bathrooms.</p> <ul> <li>Glass countertops have a high-end appearance that distinguishes them from common countertop materials such as granite or synthetic surfaces.</li> <li>Most glass countertops are produced using 1&rdquo;-1 &frac12;&rdquo; thick glass.</li> <li>Glass countertops can be customized with a choice of color, texture and finish to give it its unique characteristics.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Durable and Easy Countertop Maintenance</strong>&nbsp;<br />Glass countertops have multiple advantages.</p> <ul> <li><strong>Tough</strong>&nbsp;&ndash; Glass countertops are as strong and durable as any common natural stone or man-made countertop material.</li> <li><strong>Texture</strong>&nbsp;&ndash; Textured finishes make dust, fingerprints and small scratches nearly invisible.</li> <li><strong>Heat</strong>&nbsp;&ndash; Glass is naturally heat resistant so hot cookware can be placed on its surface (although the use of hotplates is recommended).</li> <li><strong>Hygienic</strong>&nbsp;&ndash; Glass is non-porous, making it the most hygienic material available for kitchen and bath countertops.</li> </ul> <p>Glass can also be used to create a dramatic design element in back splashes, raised bars, eating areas and divider walls.&nbsp; Call Frank&rsquo;s Glass at 513.829.8284 to help you create a design masterpiece!</p>tags: <a href="">glass</a>, <a href=" counter tops/">glass counter tops</a>, <a href=" back splashes/">glass back splashes</a>, <a href=" glass/">franks glass</a>, <a href=" shelves/">glass shelves</a>, <a href=" glass/">cabinet glass</a>, <a href="">windows</a>, <a href=" pane windows/">double pane windows</a>, <a href=" windows/">insulated windows</a>, <a href="">mirrors</a>, <a href="">fairfield</a>, <a href=" chester/">west chester</a>, <a href="">mason</a>, <a href="">hamilton</a>, <a href="">sharonville</a>, <a href=" ash/">blue ash</a>, <a href=" park/">terrace park</a>, <a href="">glendale</a>, <a href="">springdale</a>, <a href="">middletown</a>