Reflection on Feng Shui - 10 Mirrors Do's and Don'ts

Oversized Mirror in Contemporary Dining Room

August 26, 2014

Mirrors are a terrific decorating resource and have the potential to inspire more prosperity; even double beautiful views and invite the accompanying chi that goes with them.

How does one use mirrors effectively?  This article from provides you with all the do's and don't of decorating with mirrors.


Mirror Do's

  • DO reflect beautiful views.  If your room has a beautiful view exterior view, by positioning the mirror opposite the view you can double the beauty.
  • DO reflect dining and living areas.  In fung shui dining rooms represent a family's wealth, thus a mirror magnifies this energy.  In living rooms a mirror can make it appear you have double the people in a room, thus making for a more festive shi!
  • DO use mirrors to hide problems.  Mirrors can disguise problem areas by making them "disappear", such as unwanted structural columns in a room.
  • DO use mirrors to double your cash.  By placing a mirror to reflect a cash register, jewelry or close to the front door of a shop will pull more money chi, customers and prosperity to you!
  • DO place mirrors where they can open up a space.  A mirrored wall can make a small room appear much larger.  A mirror can also be placed in a long hallway to slow down chi and add some interest.

Mirror Don'ts

  • DON'T place a mirror opposite a front door.  This will puch the energy right back out the door.
  • DON'T reflect negative views.  Make sure not to place a mirror where it reflects items such as a toilet, garbage can or messy areas; it will magnify the negative energy.
  • DON'T place a mirror where it will harm or send cutting energy.  An example is placing a mirror at the end of a hallway, which symbolically says "stay away" and draws negative energy.
  • DON'T place a mirror where it can be over-stimulating.  A mirror in a bedroom can cause insomnia, especially if it reflects the bed. 
  • DON'T use broken or pakus mirrors.  Pakus mirrors generate negative energy.  Cracked mirrors and mirrors made from small mirror tiles that distort or break up an image provide very negative energy.  Avoid them at all costs!

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