The Magic of the Mirror

Contemporary Dining Room with Large Decorative Mirror

April 2, 2014

Mirrors serve many functions, the least of which is to show us a reflection of what we look like on a daily basis (whether we want to know or not!) 

Designers use mirrors on a regular basis when creating their masterpieces.  Mirrors can be used to create the illusion of space.  Often times this is accomplished by adding a large mirror or "wall' of mirrors to a small space so it reflects the space across from it, making the room appear larger.   Mirrors are also used as the decorative focal point of a room, such as above a fireplace or in a dining room above the buffet.  Often times these mirrors have a real "wow" factor that draw your eye to them and create a real work of art.

And then there is always the traditional role of the mirror as a functional necessity in a room, such as mounted above a bathroom vanity or above a dresser in a bedroom.  Just think of how hard it would be to apply makeup, shave or pluck your eyebrows without a mirror!

Start thinking of how you can incorporate mirrors into the design of your home.  This article provides some great ideas to get you started.  Whether you want to open up a space, feature a specific room in your home or provide a little whimsical art in a bedroom or bathroom, call Frank's Glass at 513.829.8284 for all you mirror needs!


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