How to Design an Accessible Shower

Accessible Bathroom Design

March 19, 2014

While the age of the population continues to increase it is important to ensure that homes for the elderly are designed for accessibility and safety.  This article on how to design an accessible shower provides some great tips on some features to incorporate when designing or remodeling your bathroom so it can be easily accessed by individuals with limited mobility.

Designing a bathroom to accomodate limited mobility does not mean you have to sacrifice beauty.  Below are some tips on what features should be included to provide the most pleasant bathing experience:

  • Incorporate bars in key locations (next to toilet, in shower, etc.),
  • Install the toilet in a higher position to reduce the need to bend down and for easy access from a wheelchair,
  • Showers should be a large walk-in design with an oversize door and a built-in bench,
  • Place the shower control knobs near the door so you do not have to enter the shower to turn it on and off,
  • Install large format tile so removable shower stools/benches do not rock on the floor,
  • A hand held shower sprayer can make it easier to bath while sitting,
  • Ensure there is proper lighting in the bathroom and shower (install night lights and drain lights),
  • If a tub is the only area to bathe, add a step the width of the tub to provide easier access (be sure to also include grab bars),
  • A pull chain safety monitor or panic button should be installed in the event of a fall,
  • Shower curb should be elimiinated or kept to a minimum.
  • Wall mount sink provides accessibility below.

Following these design tips can help to eliminate many of the falls that occur in the bathroom.

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