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Bathroom Mirror Design

November 10, 2017

A great article from houzz.com on how to select the bathroom mirror that will make the biggest design impression in your bathroom, while still providing the essential function of a mirror.  Below is a guide to help you select the right mirror for your bathroom.

Size - When making a decision on size, consider function and proportion.



Single vs. Multiple - Often times determined by whether it is a single or double sink vanity, however if wall space permits, a double mirror can add functionality to a space even if there is only one sink.

Sconces - Installing smaller mirrors can allow space for sconces, which can add illumination and a beautiful design element.

Wall-to-Wall Mirrors - Large mirrors can create the illusion of space.

Framed vs. Frameless -   Framed mirrors are often installed to provide a decorative touch while frameless mirrors instill a more contemporary, spa-like environment.

Inset Mirrors - In renovations or new installation a mirror inset into the tile can provide a custom built-in design.

Round Mirrors - A great way to bring softness and a relaxed appearance to a bathroom.  Partners well with a pedestal sink.

Medicine Cabinets - Great option in a bathroom with limited storage.  They can be inset or wall mounted, with a lot of great design styles available in today's marketplace.

Suspended Mirrors - Can be used in bathrooms where there are windows or other obstructions over the vanity.

Now you are ready to move forward on your bathroom design!!



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