12 reasons to Install a Frameless European Shower in Your Bathroom

June 27, 2018

Frame-less shower doors convey a clean modern feel to a bathroom. Read this houzz.com article for 12 reasons to install one in your home! 

Divide and conquer.  A frame-less shower can be installed between vanities without creating a barrier. Allows light to penetrate the room.  A frame-less shower provides the perfect backdrop for a window, allowing light to spill into the room and create an illusion of space. Provide the proper balance.  The sleek design of a frame-less shower can be combined with marble or more traditional tile and dark cabinets for an eclectic look. Contrast modern and rustic.   Insert a clean, modern design into a very rustic and visually heavy environment. Th...

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Windshield Wiper Safety: The Ins & Outs of What to Look For In New Windshield Wiper Assemblies

May 31, 2018

This is a great article from wheelscene.com on what to look for when replacing your windshield wiper blades. Did you know the wiper arm tension is the most important featu...

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Screen Doors Blow In a Breathe of Fresh Air

May 15, 2018

When I was young you knew spring was approaching by the sound of the front door screen banging shut and the kids laughing and running outside.  There is no better feeling than having the front door open and the warm breezes blowing in through the screen door.  This&nbs...

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How Does Bulletproof Glass Work (Inquiring Minds Want To Know)?

April 11, 2018

Have you ever wondered how glass can be “bulletproof”?  You generally hear about this glass in incidents where the President or some other high official is involved…in their limousines, aircrafts, military vehicles, etc.  Although bullet-resistant glass looks like reg...

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Custom Glass Counter Tops Create Dramatic Kitchen Design

April 10, 2018

Want to add a touch of pizzazz to your kitchen or bath? Consider glass countertops and/or backsplashes, which are quickly becoming a must have in designer homes. Glass countertops are easy to maintain and highly non-porous, making them stain proof, hygienic and anti-bacterial. Glass counters are ...

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